Honjokko and Honjo Presents Seasonal Sakura Dinner Menus

A taste of Tokyo and Hokkaido in April

This April, embark on a sensory journey to Japan as contemporary Japanese restaurants, Honjokko and Honjo, present two distinct seasonal Sakura Dinner Menus. Each venue captures the essence of cherry blossom season through unique culinary experiences that capture quintessential regional flavours.

Honjokko`s Tokyo-inspired Sakura Dinner Menu | Available during 5-14 April 

From 5 – 14 April, Honjokko invites you to immerse yourself in Tokyo’s Sakura blossom season with an iconic food style that mirrors the city’s enchanting pink-hued scenery. Specially curated by Executive Chef Kyle Lee and priced at HKD780 per person with an optional HKD480 drinks pairing, our Sakura Dinner Menu commences the celebration with a glass of Perrier-Jouet Champagne, followed by an array of traditional Honjokko starters for sharing, including Smoked Edamame, Spinach, Agedashi Tofu, Wagyu Tataki in chorizo oil and Tuna Tartare. Starters are paired with the crisp, fresh-washed mineral tones of Domaine de Vauroux Chablis 2022 to open the palate.

Our Sakura Sushi & Sashimi selection showcases a premium assortment of nigiri, sashimi, and Sakura Futomaki with sakura rice, sake, inari, cucumber, tamago, tobiko, negi and shiso, all perfectly complemented by a very clean, light and dry Four Fox Junmai Daiginjo Sake.

The Hot Tasty Tokyo course invites you to savour the Buta-Shogayaki and Tempura Soba, before concluding with our Sakura Sweets – a delightful Sakura Monaka served alongside the soft sweetness of Chiran Tea Umeshu, completing your gastronomic journey through Tokyo.

Honjo`s Sapporo-inspired Sakura Dinner Menu | Available during 19-28 April

Continuing the celebration of cherry blossoms from 19-28 April, Honjo transports you to Sapporo in Hokkaido. Priced at HKD880 per person with an optional HKD480 drinks pairing, the Sakura Dinner Menu curated by Honjo’s Executive Chef Stephan Joubert pays homage to the northernmost region of Japan with its rich culinary heritage and fresh ingredients.

Begin with a selection of Honjo starters such as the Yuzu Salmon, edamame and spinach, paired with Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV, capturing the essence of Sapporo’s vibrant flavours. The second course serves up a harmonious blend of land and sea with Wagyu Tataki and Scallop & Toro Tartare. These are accompanied by Yasakaturu Kame no O Kurabu, Junmai Ginjo from Kyoto, with its delightful nose of sweet melon.

The Sakura Sushi & Sashimi course at Honjo features a curated selection of the finest sushi, seasonal sashimi and Sakura Futomaki with crab meat, sake, cucumber, tamago, tobiko, inari and negi, paired along with Four Fox Junmai Daiginjo Sake.

Transitioning into the warmth of the Hot Tasty Hokkaido course, guests can savour Sea Bass Misoyaki and a comforting Miso Ramen that will transport you to Hokkaido. These are paired with the full bodied Louis Latour Pinot Noir Les Pierres Dorees 2020, with rich notes of black cherry, mocha, nutmeg and licorice.

The meal concludes with a shared dessert of Sakura Monaka, complemented by Clos-Haut Peyraguey Sauternes 2007 with hints of honey and lush stone fruit.

Through these carefully designed menus, we invite guests to experience the magic of Japan’s Sakura season. Whether you are captivated by the dynamic Tokyo scene at Honjokko or the northern allure of Sapporo at Honjo, we offer you a culinary passage to Japan’s most famous cherry blossom celebrations.

Mark your calendars and book for these limited-time events. Join us in this celebration of seasonal beauty and gastronomy at Honjokko and Honjo.

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