TokyoLima Unveils New Nikkei Dining Experience

New Executive Chef Stephan Joubert infuses fresh flavours and innovations into the Latest Culinary Offerings

Pirata Group is thrilled to announce the launch of the new a la carte menu at Tokyolima, the celebrated Izakaya known for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative Nikkei cuisine in the heart of Central. As Tokyolima marks its 7th anniversary, this menu refresh, guided by the expertise of newly appointed Executive Chef Stephan Joubert, delves deeper into the rich flavours and enduring traditions of Nikkei cuisine – a dynamic blend of Japanese and Peruvian cultures.

Chef Stephan Joubert, with his extensive experience in Cusco, Peru, brings authenticity and innovation to the menu. “Having spent over a decade in Peru, I am excited to bring my interpretations of Nikkei cuisine to Tokyolima,” says Joubert. “Our new offerings are designed to narrate the vibrant story of this cuisine through each dish. We aim to provide our guests with the freshest, best quality Nikkei cuisine, connecting them to its fascinating interplay of cultures and flavours.”

New A La Carte Menu Highlights

The new menu features an array of meticulously crafted dishes, serving up with small plates such as Taco De Adobo (HKD120), featuring five pieces of slow-cooked beef cheek and fresh pico de gallo in a crispy pink taco. From the Raw & Seared section, the Beef Tataki (HKD155) makes a mark with seared striploin accented by panka tosasu, garlic flakes, bubu arare, and spring onion.

The Sushi & CO selection is expanded to include four brand new Maki rolls, each introducing playful variations on traditional sauces, such as the Prawn Acevichado (HKD160) combining tempura prawn with hamachi, avocado, and salsa acevichada; Spicy Tuna (HKD165) with akami tuna, spicy mayo, tobiko, and pickled cucumber; California Picante (HKD145) a twist on salmon california with salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and sweet limo chilli; and Smoky Eel (HKD135) featuring smoked eel with avocado, tempura flakes, and eel sauce.

As the menu progresses, guests can enjoy a selection of eight new skewer dishes, freshly grilled and perfect as a lighter prelude to the main courses. This enhanced Sticks Section features a variety of succulent options, each celebrating the distinctive flavours of Nikkei cuisine. Highlights include the Tenderloin (HKD 190) featuring Australian grass-fed beef with a bright huacatay butter, the Seabass (HKD 170) dressed in a yellow chilli soy glaze, and the Lamb Chop (HKD 190) from New Zealand, glazed with panka miso and garnished with mint chimichurri. Additionally, the Pork Rib (HKD 160) offers slow-cooked succulence in a rocoto miso BBQ sauce, and the Salmon (HKD 180) presents a seared fillet enhanced with a panka-teriyaki glaze and wasabi cilantro mayo. Each skewer is carefully crafted to provide a burst of flavour that showcases Chef Stephan passion for freshness and quality in every bite. 

For the Main courses, Tokyolima brings the essence of Peru directly to your table with a selection of dishes imbued with tradition and culinary innovation. Highlights includes the Arroz Con Mariscos (HKD 320), a luxuriously creamy traditional Peruvian-style seafood rice featuring a tomato-chilli base, generously topped with scallops, octopus, mussels, blue prawns, calamari, and Parmesan cheese – a true celebration of oceanic flavours. Savour the Pollo A La Brasa (HKD 220 for whole, HKD 160 for half), a classic Peruvian marinated roast spring chicken served with a slightly tangy salsa huancaina and fresh lime, providing a perfect balance of zest and spice.

Also featured is the Hamachi Kama (HKD 210), an oven-roasted yellowtail collar seasoned with sea salt and fresh lime, highlighting the fish’s natural richness. For a vegetarian delight, the Roasted Cauliflower (HKD 175) offers panka-garlic roasted cauliflower served with a miso yellow chilli cream, creating a dish that’s both hearty and flavourful.

Desserts are not to be overlooked, with the Leche Asada (HKD125) offering a Peruvian twist on crème caramel, accompanied by Hojicha ice cream and Tuille biscuit, and the inventive Berry Alfajor (HKD120) featuring blueberry mousse, Peruvian shortbread biscuit, and passion fruit coulis.

Enhanced Cocktail Collections

To complement the new menu and to elevate the dining experiences, Tiziano Tasso, Pirata Groups Beverage Director, has crafted nine new cocktails and mocktails under two distinctive collections – The Nikkei and Sore Nashi, priced at HKD108 and HKD68 respectively. 

The Nikkei features creations such as Pacific Connection (HKD108), a vibrant mix of artisanal wasabi & sweet potato vodka, Cointreau, passion fruit, and ginger beer, designed to invigorate your palate with its bold flavors. Another standout, Hiding in the Mist (HKD108), combines aromatic pisco with fresh pineapple and pink grapefruit juices, topped with an artisanal coconut & yuzu foam for a tropical and refreshing twist. For those seeking a more complex flavour profile, Seven Spices in Cuzco (HKD108) is a must-try, offering a unique blend of artisanal corn & togarashi pisco, sweet vermouth, demerara sugar, and fresh lime juice, capturing the essence of Peruvian spices with a Japanese touch.

The Sore Nashi Collection offers lighter alternatives, such as the Silky Interaction (HKD68), which features artisanal nashi pear & nectarine cordial, fresh grape juice, pasteurised egg white, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, creating a smooth and subtly sweet experience. Additionally, the Spices Shop (HKD68) cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a hint of exoticism, blending artisanal ginger-infused lychee puree with organic honey and aromatic bitters for a truly aromatic and tantalising drink.

Tokyolima’s new A La Carte Menu proudly presents the brand’s signature dishes and invites diners to discover new innovative culinary creations, offering a unique exploration of Nikkei cuisine. Experience these exclusive flavours only at Tokyolima. For reservations and more information, please visit

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