Pirata Group: Presenting Stiletto Night

A weekly celebration of style and mixology

Buy 1 Get 1 Free for all guests in stilettos!
Special free-flow on all $48 drinks, 90mins for $198

Pirata Group is set to captivate the city’s nightlife with the launch of Stiletto Night, a weekly event celebrating style, flair, confidence, and the art of mixology. Starting 16 May, each selected restaurant within the group will host its own unique Stiletto Night featuring special themes, exclusive cocktails, unbeatable offers, and free-flow deals.

The Stiletto Night kicks off at The Optimist on 16 May with G&T Night, honouring Spanish-style gin & tonics becoming a world sensation. Every Wednesday onwards, guests can enjoy a 90-minute free flow G&T session starting from HKD198 and a more premium package at HKD228. The night will take guests on a global world tour of gin & tonics, showcasing unique combinations of botanicals, fruits, and herbs. Featured gin include Beefeater London Dry, Malfy Gin Rosa, Nordes Atlantic Gin, Two Moon Calamansi HK Gin and Monkey 47 Sloe. In addition to the G&T experience, guests can also enjoy buy-one-get-one-free on signature cocktails, wines and beer at an unbeatable price starting from HKD48. 

Following this, Chaiwala introduces Spice Girls on 20 May, every Monday. Guests can enjoy an enticing buy-one-get-one-free offer on all beverages, including exclusive cocktails, wines, champagnes, sparklings, beer and spirits, starting from HKD48. From refreshing and fruity, to floral and tingly on your tongue, discover Chaiwalas innovative cocktail such as The Pod, a delightful mix of cachaca, orange curacao, fresh lemon juice and cardamom essence; The Spice side, featuring artisanal masala chai vodka, sweet vermouth, fresh lime juice and ginger beer; and The Peppery Flower, crafted with artisanal pink pepper cordial, elderflower syrup and cranberry juice.

The celebrations continue on 23 May at the vibrant Nikkei Izakaya, Tokyolima with Pisco Night. Every Thursday, the evening will feature a spotlight on handcrafted cocktails, showcasing the art of mixology with Pisco as the star and an enticing buy-one-get-one-free offer on selected beverages. Savour the Pisco Punch HKD48, a refreshing concoction from our secret blend of Peruvian ingredients, masterfully clarified for a pure, crisp taste.

Delight in Pretty in Pink HKD48, which combines Chilean Pisco with white peach extract, cranberry juice, and a splash of Prosecco. Experience the tangy zest of our Maracuja Sour HKD68, mixing Peruvian Pisco with passion fruit, pasteurised egg white, and bitters. Enjoy the Aromatic Highball HKD68, a sophisticated mix of aromatic Pisco, apricot, lime, and ginger beer. Complement your evening with our selection of wines, sparklings, spirits and mocktails starting from HKD48.

Stiletto Night is designed not just as a night out, each event is crafted to bring out the best in style and taste, ensuring every evening is an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or a wine enthusiast, Stiletto Night promises something for everyone.

Join Pirata Group`s restaurants every week to indulge in a night of exquisite drinks, vibrant atmospheres, and exceptional company. 

Stay tuned for more enticing offers under Stiletto Night at our various venues, promising unforgettable experiences each time you visit. For more information, please visit 

Stiletto Night Schedule

The Optimist – G&T Night | 16 May, Every Wednesday 6pm Onwards | Menu 

Chaiwala – Spice Girls | 20 May, Every Monday 6pm Onwards | Menu 

TokyoLima – Pisco Night | 23 May, Every Thursday 6pm Onwards | Menu

More restaurant offers to be released soon

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