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Expat Parent

May 2020

Made with love – Top chefs share family recipes adopted from their mums

“My mum Antonella is an amazing cook. Over the years, I’ve stolen many recipes from her. She never really had a recipe book on hand because she makes everything based on experience and her personal taste, like many home chefs. Everything was ‘a cup of this,’ ‘add a spoon of that’ or ‘a pinch of salt here.’ For me it was difficult to understand how she always nailed the right flavours.” – Davide Borin, Executive Chef of Pici and The Pizza Project

TVB Pearl Dolci Vita

May 2020

Restaurants in a post-Covid world

Will our F&B scene ever be the same again? Apple Lee asks…

2020 is a big year for reset, reflection and change. There will always be new opportunities once things calm down, a lot of opportunities that we don’t know of at the moment. We all have to start from zero and that’s where creativity comes into play. – Manuel Palacio, Co-founder of Pirata Group

Tatler Asia

21 May 2020

Where To Find The Best Steaks In Hong Kong In 2020

Pirata Group’s meat-themed restaurant in Soho has been a hot spot for all things meat. The restaurant is not a steakhouse, but meat dishes are well-prepared throughout, especially the barbecued beef rib, which has been slow-cooked overnight. The rib of beef is smoked and grilled until evenly charred on the outside yet inside remains tender. The grilled tenderloin with peppercorn sauce is also a steak cut best for sharing. 


6 May 2020

Indulge yourself while drinking on the cheap: check out the best happy hours in Hong Kong

Friendly service? Check. Beautiful interiors? Check Great drinks? Check! The Optimist in Wan Chai is a wonderful spot for an afterwork tipple, serving The Optimistic Hour between 5 and 7:30pm, Monday to Sunday. Grab a selection of wines, cocktails and beers for just $48, and wash your drink down with some of their signature Padron Peppers – yum.


28 April 2020

Sheung Wan guide: Discover street art, shop the antiques and grab the tastiest food

We like Honjo for brunch, lunch, and dinner, and it has some of the best service in Hong Kong. Step into the lush interiors and get ready for a dining experience that will definitely be one for the books. The weekend brunches offer a good chance to taste a little bit of everything, while the dinner menu has an array of Japanese classics with a twist.


13 May 2020

誠意手工 Pizza

我們慣常把意式薄餅分成羅馬及拿坡里風,前者以脆薄見稱,後者則柔軟富空氣感,各有特色。不過薄餅世界豈只如此?就像新開在中環的意式薄餅店The Pizza Project,意籍主廚Andrea Viglione便嘗試集兩家之大成,創出滋味餅底,配搭各款不花巧的意式食材,將意國的慢活飲食生活引入香港。


20 May 2020

TokyoLima推出全新餐單「No Restrictions」創出日系秘魯菜新境界

TokyoLima日系秘魯菜的獨特演釋,打造全新「No Restrictions」餐單,並於5月25日正式推出。全新日系秘魯菜體驗以特色前菜Small Plates掀起序幕,The Salad以不同熱帶水果如西瓜、無花果及烤蘋果入饌,沙律醬則以自製印度風味菠菜酸辣醬加強熱帶氣息;另一款沙律菜式Is a Salad…?!選用新鮮蘆筍、炒鷹嘴豆及烤雞,澆上秘魯黃辣椒乳酪醬後帶來感官刺激;Nithai Mussel是海鮮愛好者最愛,完美融合青口、西班牙臘腸及檸檬草,再搭配極具傳統秘魯風味的椰子老虎奶,多種風味滙聚於一道菜式中。

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