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One-of-a-kind dining experiences fuelled by excellent food, legendary service and great value for money.

Manuel Palacio and Christian Talpo are the creative masterminds behind Pirata Group. Having travelled the world, the duo drew inspiration from different global cultures and called upon their numerous years of industry experience across the world’s top gastronomic cities. Driven by their insatiable love of vibrant global cuisines, Manuel and Christian launched Pirata Group to bring the city’s denizens what they want before they even know it. Challenging traditions, exploring new flavours and introducing innovative dining concepts to Hong Kong, the Group inspires taste buds and brings unforgettable dining experiences to local foodies.

From Pici, a welcoming local pasta bar, to TokyoLima, a lively late-night Nikkei restaurant and bar, each concept is brought to life by their passion and vision. For Manuel and Christian, Pirata Group’s goal is as simple as it is clear—create one-of-a-kind dining experiences fuelled by quality food, great service and amazing value for money.

The Co-founders

Manuel Palacio & Christian Talpo

With over 40 years’ combined experience in the industry across the world’s top gastronomic cities and an insatiable love for food in all forms, the pair is driven by their passion to bring amazing food and dining experiences to Hong Kong. With considered, standalone concepts ranging from homely Italian to Spanish-style asador grill and Izakaya-inspired Nikkei to fresh hand-made pasta, each restaurant is brought to life by Christian and Manuel’s unique vision and infectious energy. For them, Pirata Group’s mission is simple: to deliver top quality food, great service and value for money to Hong Kong diners.

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Pirata Group founded

After working for many years in the food & beverage industry, Manuel Palacio and Christian Talpo joined forces to found Pirata Group.



Pirata Group’s first venture was Pirata in Wan Chai. Serving honest Italian cuisine, the restaurant set the stage for Pirata Group’s emergence into the Hong Kong culinary scene.


The Optimist

In September, The Optimist opened its doors in Wan Chai. The spacious restaurant spanning three floors soon became known for delectable Northern Spanish cuisine and cocktails.


TokyoLima, Pici, MEATS

Exploring new cuisine types, Pirata Group launched Hong Kong’s first Nikkei restaurant and bar, TokyoLima (Central); its first pasta bar, Pici (Wan Chai); and the no fuss meat bar, MEATS, in January.


Chifa, Chaiwala, Madame Ching

Launching two Chinese inspired concepts in one year, Pirata Group welcomed Chifa (Peruvian Chinese) and Madame Ching (modern Chinese) in May. Full of vibrance, Chaiwala was launched in August and brought modern Indian cuisine to the Central district.


Creative Concepts on the Rise

New and exciting restaurants coming soon to Hong Kong and abroad.

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