Pirata Group: Co-founder Christian Talpo Returns as Interim CEO, leading the Group into its 10th anniversary

Pirata Group is delighted to announce the return of co-founder Christian Talpo as Interim Chief Executive Officer effective 8 January.

As the Group approaches its 10th anniversary, Christian is enthused to build upon the strong foundation established by his co-founder, Manuel Palacio, and himself. His return signifies a renewed commitment to what have kept guests coming back all these years – excellent food, legendary service, and great value for money.

In his statement to staff, Christian thanked former CEO Steen Puggaard for skillfully steering the Group through a challenging post-covid period.

Under Christian’s leadership, team wellbeing and operational excellence will be the foremost priorities, emphasising that “Our people come first, followed by the guests – and profitability is the outcome of the first two done right. We will invest into developing teams that deliver an enhanced guest experience and culinary excellence.”

He continues, “This is a show of force, that we as founders don’t limit ourselves to giving instructions from an ivory tower. Instead, we are willing and able to join our teams on the frontline. It’s really simple. We serve unconditional hospitality to one guest, one table, and one round of service at a time.”

In 2014, Christian, together with Manuel Palacio, co-founded the sky-high Italian restaurant, Pirata, which is still standing strong and has since become a stalwart of Hong Kong’s dining scene. Since then, the company has blossomed into 26 restaurants and 16 brands serving 1.5 million guests annually.

A seasoned restaurateur with over three decades in F&B development, Christian took a step back from the Group’s day-to-day operations in 2019 and pursued other entrepreneurial endeavours. Since then, he has served on the Group’s Board of Directors until his return to active operations this year.

Christian’s wisdom, unique vision and dedication to the Group’s core values mark a new chapter for Pirata Group, highlighting its commitment to setting industry standards whilst embracing a future filled with possibilities.

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