Shochu is a Japanese Distilled Spirit similar to Whisky. Generally referred to as “Honkaku” Shochu, it is usually single distilled. Featuring 100% natural ingredients, Shochu aims to showcase the flavours of the underlying ingredients.

Honkaku Shochu is a very unique spirit that can be consumed in a variety of different ways, including straight up, on the rocks, as a highball served with soda, with cold or hot water and even in cocktails.

How you enjoy it really depends on your own palate and preferences. The taste is very smooth yet complex, with flavours that complement and enhance the food being consumed alongside, very much like wine.

Shochu can be paired with a variety of food such as grilled meat, fried and crispy food and different cuisines. We advise that you experiment and find your own way of enjoying Honkaku Shochu.

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