Five of the Least Visited Countries in the World


Location: Sovereign state in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean
Fun Fact(s):
1. The country’s international airport transforms into a public park and sports ground when not in use.
2. There are also no ATMs in Tuvalu and credit cards aren’t accepted so visitors are encouraged to bring cash.
3. Tuvalu unfortunately may face extinction because of climate change with rising seas that threaten to submerge the islands.
Why You Should Visit:
As a little known tourist destination, Tuvalu offers picturesque beaches that are blissfully free of crowds.


Location: Island in the Central Pacific
Fun Fact(s):
1. With a total land area of just 21 sq km, Nauru is known as the smallest island nation in the world.
2. A country that mines phosphate, the compact nation has a railway that was built on Nauru in 1907 to transport the mineral.
Why You Should Visit:
If you’re looking for a place to find some peace and quiet, Nauru may be the perfect country to visit.

Equatorial Guinea

Location: West Coast of Central Africa
Fun Fact(s):
1. As a former Spanish colony, the main language in use is Spanish.
2. This country has a wide variety of wildlife nearby, with thick rainforest, mountain ranges and endemic primates.
Why You Should Visit:
For travellers who want to explore nature and its beauty.

Marshall Islands

Location:Central Pacific Ocean
Fun Fact(s):
1. The Marshall Islands consists of a chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls.
2. The seafloor near Bikini Atoll is populated with shipwrecks such as the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier.
Why You Should Visit:
If you’re a fan of scuba diving, the Marshall Islands will be a prime location to explore.


Location: East Cost of Africa
Fun Fact(s):
1. Comoros was given the name “Perfume Isles” due to aromatic plants that populate the country.
2. Comoros has a vibrant collection of marine biodiversity, including humpback whales and sea turtles.
Why You Should Visit:
Crystal clear waters and powder soft beaches will attract travellers with wanderlust.

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