Remix – 4 Hands Special Menu Events

We spin into 2023 with something fresh, amazing and delicious: Pirata REMIX!

Three exclusive 4 hands dining experiences across six nights that pair some of our brightest culinary talents together for plates that will surely kick your year off on the right note. Onto the action!

Chaiwala x Honjokko

Executive Chefs Prabir Banerjee and Kyle Lee take us on a journey from New Delhi to Tokyo, bringing out the bold flavours of India together with the precision of Japan across eight unique plates including Wagyu Poori, Dakshini Ebi Temaki and the Biryani Tikka Roll. Tasting is believing! 

Jan 11 at Chaiwala: View Menu & Book

Jan 18 at Honjokko: View Menu & Book

La Favorita x Honjo

Executive Chefs Emanuele Canuto and Stephan Joubert have mastermind a larger-than-life 4 hands menu that combines the elegance of Honjo’s modern Japanese cuisine with the bombast of La Favorita’s Italian fare. Expect the unexpected, from Hamachi Tartare through to Udon Aragosta, Matcha Mascarpone Mousse and beyond!

Jan 25 at La Favorita: View Menu & Book 

Feb 1 at Honjo: View Menu & Book 

The Optimist x Tokyolima

Our pair of Executive Chefs, Victor C Molina and Arturo Melendez had a blast conjuring up this 4 hands menu for REMIX. From starters of Ceviche a la Gallega and Tortilla Katakana through to Patatas Bien Bravas and show-stopping Columbus Paella, the Peruvian pan Spanish culinary creativity oozes in every bite. Teamwork makes the dream work.  

Feb 8 at Tokyolima: View Menu & Book

Feb 15 at The Optimist: View Menu & Book

Advanced booking required to attend these tasting events. If you cannot make it on the day worry not as we will be sprinkling select items from each menu into the A la carte during the following week at each restaurant. Stay tuned for details on our final REMIX party in March!

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