Norton Agnani

Norton, a Senior Art and Creative Director from Paris, has been passionate about art and creativity since his childhood. Art direction and design came naturally to him while growing up. Ever since he purchased his first computer, Norton has been designing graphics and other pieces of art, as both a hobby and part of his work. As an action sport and BMX rider, he decided to start a clothing brand called LOGO CLOTHING to organise a trip for him and his team across Europe. This very first experience with design and computers pushed him to go further. Having had this experience made him realise that visual communication and design was going to be his career.


After 5 years of studying communication and design in Paris, he had the pleasure of working for many prestigious brands such as Melco Resorts, Armani, Dior, Lalique, Elie Saab, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Mumm, Nike, Adidas, PSG, Lenovo, Publicis, Marcel, Heineken, and Lacoste. Norton resides and works in Asia mainly between Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong.

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